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First and foremost, Harold Brown is my loving father. As his oldest son, I may refer to Harold Brown as‘Dad’, ‘Daddy’ or ‘Father’ occasionally throughout this page.

Born in Long Beach, California (1946), Harold Brown is a natural born leader, being the oldest of 6 children. During his youth, Harold new early on he wanted to be a professional drummer. During his high school years, Harold experience a potential threat to his desire to be a professional musician. He was an all american track and field long-distance running champion. When told by his track coach he would have to make a choice between life as a musician or as a world-class athlete, to Harold there was only one real choice… a career in music. The rest is pretty much history.

The Creators

Dad's first band was called The Creators. The band started in his parent's garage (Long Beach, California) with the supervision of his mother (my grandma) Icelo Brown.

The Creators (Left to Right) - Lonnie Jordan, B. Nicholson, B. B. Dickerson, H. Scott, H. Brown, Temps, George Brown.

Eric Burdon & War

Shortly after leaving his band The Animals (wikipedia), lead vocalist Eric Burdon (wikipedia) wanted to form a new soul band, featuring a real soulful American sound. After watching The Creators (a.k.a. Nightshift) perform on several occasions in Los Angeles, California, it became clear to Eric that he wanted Dad's band for his next music venture. With Harold Brown on drums, Howard Scott on guitar, Lee Oskar (b. Copenhagen, Denmark) on harmonica, Papa Dee Allen on percussion, Lonnie Jordan on keyboards, Charles Miller on saxophone and flute, B. B. Morris Dickerson on Bass and Eric as lead vocalist, they released their first hit single in 1970, Spill The Wine.

With a successful song under his belt and the departure of Eric Burdon, Harold Brown and band continued on making music for the masses. His biggest International hit single as Drummer/Songwriter was released in 1974 - Low Rider


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Another familiar hit single by Dad's band is titled "Why Can't We Be Friends?" (Watch Music Video). This video brings back great memories of my childhood. My little brother Noah and I make an appearance toward the end of this music video.


As a child growing up in a musical environment, I always jumped at the chance of being creative along side my Father and his band mates at every opportunity. I was fortunate enough to have my dream become a reality during the recording of the 1994 Peace Sign (wikipedia) Album & World Tour. This mini documentary shares some insight on the history and beginnings, to the point I joined Dad's band as Rae Valentine.

Proclamation by the City of New Orleans

The New Orleans City Council paid tribute to my Father "Harold Brown" with a proclamation by the Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo. Dad as a prolific multi-platinum singer, songwriter and drummer who co-wrote many hits including The #‎CiscoKid, #‎WhyCantWeBeFriends, ‎Spill The Wine, ‎The World Is A Ghetto and ‎Lowrider, a song co-composed and performed by Harold and his bandmates in the 1970's was inducted into the 2014 Grammy Hall of Fame. Dad's original successful 70's Band has been nominated three times for induction in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Harold Brown - Drummer